Algae and Blanketweed

Algae or Blanketweed is unsightly and increasing in waters due to nutrient concentration. It needs controlling to ensure water quality is clean enough for environmental, recreational and health reasons.

Problems caused by Algae and Blanketweed: 

  • Impedes the flow into drainage systems
  • Blocks pumps, sluices and filters
  • Interferes with navigation, fishing and recreational activity
  • Causes taint and odour problems
  • A health hazard to humans, livestock and wildlife


The three most common nutrient sources are

  • Sediment and vegetation in lake.
  • Run off water from surrounding areas
  • Incoming water.

Take a look at the truxor in action

Mechanical Removal

Although not a long term solution for the control of algae and blanketweed our Truxor amphibious machines are able to remove large quantities with the collection rake attachment and leave your water clear for events and fishing etc.

This is an effective short term measure and when combined with aeration/lake dye can provide a longer term solution to keep algae/blanketweed at bay.



Lake and Pond Dye 

At Aquatic Solutions we recommend control using aeration and dye, as they are natural environmentally friendly methods of controlling algae problems in UK waters. There are other methods including barley straw which have been used with varying degrees of success.  Due to the inconsistent results and high maintenance issues relating to the messy job of repeatedly changing the straw throughout the year Aquatic Solutions UK has moved away from utilising this method and now recommends the more efficient dyes and aeration.

How Aeration Works

  • Aeration is the addition of dissolved oxygen to the water.
  • Aerators move large volumes of water and add oxygen to the water.
  • The second component of aeration is mixing and de-stratification.
  • Improves water quality by impacting on 3 factors:
    • Oxygen: aeration encourages aerobic digestion of nutrients by adding oxygen.
    • Nutrients: these are kept in balance through digestion and oxidation.
    • Temperature: mixing breaks down stratification adding oxygen to lower levels.
  • Introduction of oxygen prevents anaerobic digestion and foul odours.
  • Oxygen introduced at lake bottom inhibits phosphorus release from sediment.
  • Oxygen in water converts phosphorus to an insoluble form.

How Aquatic Solutions can help you with Algae & Blanket Weed control

If you would like to learn more about how we might be able to help with issues of algae problems, algae removal and blanketweed control, download our guide to Benefits of Barley Straw  or contact us and we can have an informal chat to discuss the areas that interest you.