Golf Clubs

Problems with aquatic weeds and algae can leave your golf course with an unsightly lake or pond that smells unpleasant and is off putting to players. Silt build up reduces the depth of the pond which can result in flooding – risking damage to the course.

Making sure that any maintenance or remedial work is carried out quickly, efficiently and with minimum disruption to the course and its day to day activity is essential. We offer effective, efficient and economical solutions for any water course maintenance or enhancement:

Whatever your golf club’s aquatic problem, we can provide you an effective solution delivered efficiently and with minimum disruption to the surrounding environment, at a very competitive rate.


  • Our compact Truxor amphibious machines only need the access of a 4×4 vehicle
  • Being light in weight our machines have little impact on the course and its ecology
  • The mechanical process saves a huge amount of time and cost
  • Work can be carried out quickly minimising disruption to players

Aquatic Solutions can help provide solutions for your golf course:

  • Identify and Control Aquatic Weeds
  • Silt Removal and Lake Dredging
  • Reed and Bulrush Control
  • Algae and Blanketweed Treatment
  • Refurbishment – Bringing water back to life

How Aquatic Solutions can help your golf club

If you would like to learn more about how we might be able to help your golf club, please contact us to discuss the areas that interest you.