Aquatic weed control

Aquatic weed control is important for maintaining rivers, waterways and lakes. Although aquatic plants  provide food and safe habitat for animals, help reduce erosion of river banks and absorb pollutants, some plants grow excessively and spoil the appearance and quality of the watercourse.

Canadian pondweed control

Invasive aquatic plants can cause the following problems:

* Interfere with or prohibit recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating.
* Detract from the aesthetic appeal of a body of water.
* Stunt or interfere with a balanced fish population.
* Fish kills due to removal of too much oxygen from the water, especially at night during low atmospheric pressure. Oxygen depletion occurs when plants die and decompose.
* Produce quiet water areas that are ideal for mosquito breeding.

* Certain algae can be poisonous.
* Impede water flow in drainage ditches, irrigation canals, and culverts, causing water to back up and Increase the risk of flooding/water logging
* Deposition of weeds, sediment, and debris, can cause bodies of water to fill in and reduce water capacity
* Detached weeds and algae float downstream blocking pumps, sluices and filters ·
* Rapid growth of aquatic weeds suppresses other species of aquatic plants.

The Removal


Once your aquatic weed has taken hold of your pond or lake it is often too late for the less intensive methods of removal such as hand pulling or herbicides and you need to look to mechanical methods of removal. Our Truxor amphibious machines are often a preferred option to larger plant and machinery due to their low impact on the site and more ecological ways of carrying out the work.


Our Truxor amphibious machines are the perfect solution to aquatic weed control as they can cut vast areas of weed using the 3 or 4 meter cutter bars which can cut to a depth of around 6ft making light work of even the largest of lakes, lochs and stretches of rivers. Once the weed has been cut a rake attachment is added to the Truxor and we can collect up all the floating weeds and deposit it to the bank allowing insects and pond life to return to the water.


How Aquatic Solutions can help you with Aquatic Weed Control or Aquatic Weed Cutting issues

If you would like to learn more about how we might be able to help you with any Aquatic Weed Control or Aquatic Weed Cutting issues, please contact us to discuss the areas that interest you.