Our new product line to help enhance your water and keep it in the best possible health.

Lake and Pond Optimisation Products:

Aquatic Solutions UK have spent a number of years researching the market for the best, most effective and case proven products to recommend alongside the services we provide. We are happy to be able to share a range of products to help you tackle problem areas of your lake or pond and keep it as healthy as possible.

Now approved suppliers for Oase Lake Therapy Products and Phoslock Environmental Technologies.

Blanket Weed

Blanket weed goes by many names including string, hair, thread and filamentous algae. It is one of the most prolific forms of algae and can grow in almost any body of water. Blanket weed is easily recognisable by its long strands that can grow up to several meters and the floating mass on the surface.

If left unchecked blanket weed can lead to oxygen depletion, alter pH levels, contribute to excessive silt build up and in some cases cause harm to fish. Blanket weed is a clear sign that a lake is in need of remediation and tests should be carried out.

Blanket weed can be treated using our Peridox product. These products kill the algae in hours by oxidising the algae cells directly The treatment does not affect the essential microfauna and plants in the lake and has the additional benefit of providing a temporary oxygen boost to the water.

Healthy Lakes and Ponds 

Water parameters often change and can lead to problems in the form of unwanted aquatic weed growth, algae forming and a build up of silt. All of these factors can disrupt the habitat of the fish and aquatic life in your waters. To maintain a healthy, stabilised lake improving the pH balance and incorporating essential minerals back into the water is a key element.

OptiLake is an essential pH/kH corrector that works by providing the minerals that natural cleaning plants and microbes need to thrive. These plants and microbes are then able to absorb the algae producing nutrients more efficiently and speed up the breakdown of organic waste. In addition OptiLake is able to bind potentially toxic materials such as nickel and lead resulting in a much cleaner water body.

Silt/Sediment Build Up

Silt removal is necessary when the breakdown of dead plant leaves and other organic material causes a build up on the bed of a lake, pond or river. This can lead to a reduction in water depth and an increased risk of flooding. Oxygen is reduced and nutrients are released which leads to harmful algae blooms and the release of nasty smelling odours from the process of biological decomposition and potentially, over time, the loss of the water body. It is essential that silt is not allowed to accumulate.

Prevention is always better than cure and by periodic dosing of SchlixX silt can be prevented from ever becoming a problem. SchlixX releases oxygen into the silt which leads to two effects: The phosphate is bonded and the micro-organisms that are naturally present use the oxygen to decompose the organic matter in the silt which in turn reduces silt levels. SchlixX is safe to use and won’t harm the flora or fauna of your water body.

Testing prior to application is recommended.


While a degree of phosphate is an essential part of the balance of any water body an abundance of nutrients in a lake or pond can lead to high levels of phosphates which can, in turn, lead to algae blooms and low oxygen levels.

To re-balance the excess phosphate in your lake or pond SeDox can be applied. SeDox works by sinking through the water column collecting the nutrient phosphate and binding into a crystalline structure that renders it unusable to algae and preventing its growth. SeDox is safe to use and causes no harm to plants or aquatic life.

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