Water Treatment Plants

What happens when the natural growth of weeds and vegetation is excessive and begins to hamper the machinery at your water treatment plants?

Blades and fans in aeration tanks, sluices and pumps can all be hampered or damaged by excessive weed growth, and cause the whole treatment process to grind to a halt.

The longer the vegetation problem is left unchecked, the worse the  outcome in terms of time and expense to put things right.

Aquatic Solution’s wide range of services mean that we offer efficient, effective and economical ways to deal with any aquatic weed, vegetation or invasive weed problem.

We offer a quick and effective solution to your problem, and at a very competitive rate.

Take a look at case study of work carried out on a Water Treatment Plant here

This is how we can help solve problems with weeds and vegetation growth at your water treatment plants:

  • Lightweight Truxor amphibious vehicle enables access to difficult areas
  • Mechanical removal of the weeds is faster than manual handling, which saves time and money and reduces any “down time”
  • Years of experience in invasive and aquatic weed control
  • Experience and knowledge of Health and Safety implications of working in water treatment plants

How Aquatic Solutions can help you with your water treatment plant

If you would like to learn more about how we might be able to help your water treatment plants, please contact us and we can have an informal chat to discuss the areas that interest you.