Clearing aquatic vegetationAs autumn advances we see most aquatic plants dying back. After the abundant growth of this summer, the sheer volume of decomposing material will make a dramatic difference to the quality of a lake, pond or river and keeping on top of lake management is essential.The process of decomposition of these plants will reduce oxygen levels, potentially having a negative impact fish and other aquatic life.


  • The decomposed material adds to the silt levels on the bed of the waterway, impeding navigation by boat, and water flow.
  • The more silt, the shallower the body of water becomes, increasing the risk of flooding
  • Years of accumulated decomposed vegetation will add to the problem leaving you with an unhealthy body of water.
There are steps you can take to rectify this, and the efficient mechanical cutting, raking and clearing of aquatic weed as part of your lake management will help, and the Truxor Amphibious machine is the ideal tool for the job.

The Truxor is a lightweight and highly manoeuvrable vehicle that can gain access where larger machinery can’t be used. It can work in the most challenging environments, and with a range of attachments it can be used to cut, rake and collect aquatic vegetation, leaving the body of water clear and in a healthy state.

The Aquatic Solutions team carry out  lake management projects using the Truxor in a wide variety of aquatic environments from golf courses to fisheries, leisure lakes to canals and reed beds to water treatment plants. All staff are fully trained and experienced and want to achieve the best outcome for the client.

See our case studies to find out more about our lake management and waterway maintenance services, or take a look at what our clients have to say about us. 

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