Visit Aquatic Solutions at the Game Fair

The world’s biggest country sports and pursuits event – over 900 exhibits including falconry, country crafts, guns, crafts, fishing, hunting, shotguns and estate management. Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire 20 – 22 July – Full details here

We were planning to be at this years Game Fair where we were to be displaying our incredibly versatile amphibious Truxor vehicle ….But due to the weather it is CANCELLED!

Truxor aquatic weed cutter, silt pump and dredging vehicle

Game Keepers and Estates Section.

We use Truxor 5000 amphibious aquatic weed cutter machines. They often provide the most efficient way of eradicating aquatic weeds and river bank weeds through cutting, gathering and disposal. Its amphibious properties make it ideal for working in and around water.

Main functions of the Truxor: 


  • Aquatic Weed Cutter
  • Collection and Gathering of Aquatic Weeds
  • River Bank Weed Cutting
  • Silt Pumping
  • Excavation

Here Is How Aquatic Solutions Can Help You;

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  • Use of non invasive vehicles minimising impact of surrounding areas
  • Dramatic transformation of overgrown areas
  • Prevention of areas terestialing

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