Pond Weed Removal

Canadian pondweed (Elodea canadensis)

Pond weed can be good or bad. In small numbers they provide a good habitat for fish providing them with food and shelter for spawning and nesting. When the pond weed takes over it becomes a nuisance, especially in the warmer months when it grows excessively and spoils the appearance and quality of the watercourse, which makes pond weed removal essential.

Pond weed will usually become apparent from April onwards as the water in your lake or pond begins to warm up, providing an idyllic environment for the pond weed to grow and spread.

Some of the problems that can arise from large amounts of pond weed are;

  • Risk of flooding/water logging even when the weed has appeared to die back.
  • Silting up of a watercourse from excessive weed die back.
  • Impeding flow.
  • The Pond Weed can interfere with boating activity.
  • Affecting fishing where the anglers can get caught up on the excessive weed.
  • Recreational activity, such as; freshwater swimming and triathlons.
  • Detached weeds and algae float downstream blocking pumps, sluices and filters.
  • De-oxygenation of the water, killing fish.

How Aquatic Solutions can help you

We have successfully carried out pond weed removal in numerous lakes and waterways, leaving the lakes once again with a balanced level of aquatic plants and animal life, and fit for leisure purposes where appropriate.

Using our fleet of lightweight Truxor amphibious vehicles we are able to access areas where larger machinery is impractical. Working on the water we use various tools to remove the Pond Weed to the banks, where it can be deposited in allocated areas for composting, or removed from site. The Aquatic Solutions team carry out lake management projects in a wide variety of aquatic environments from golf courses to fisheries, leisure lakes to canals and reed beds to water treatment plants. All staff are fully trained and experienced and want to achieve the best outcome for the client. 

To identify your pond weed please see our “Aquatic Weed Identification Guide”

To see in more detail how we control your pond weed click here

The Aquatic Solutions team have the skills, knowledge and experience to tackle all invasive aquatic plants  and carry out your pond weed removal– contact us now to arrange a free informal discussion.

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