Silt removal keeps lakes and ponds healthy and usable.  One of the most significant problems to overcome is what to do with the “waste” material. It is extremely expensive to remove the silt off site, so a solution for its storage, drying out and eventual dispersal on site could be just the answer.

De-watering, or silt bags provide an ideal solution. These strong porous bags can be sited on relatively flat, smooth ground adjacent to the pond, lake or canal. The silt is pumped into the bags with the Truxor Amphibious Machine and silt pumping attachment. The material that the bags are made of allows the silt be retained whilst the clean water seeps out.  Once the water has drained out of the bags, they can be opened and the silt used for any landscaping needs on site.

Silt consists of decaying flora and fauna, as well as soil erosion and run off from the surrounding terrain, it is rich in nutrients, so it makes an excellent planting medium.

Silt bags are available in various sizes, designed to cope with various pressures and are therefore suitable for even the largest of projects, saving £s in waste removal costs and offering an environmentally friendly solution. See how they work in this great video!

Aquatic Solutions offer silt pumping and dredging, and provide creative solutions for recycling silt with:

  • Fully trained, qualified  and experienced staff
  • Lightweight Truxor amphibious machine with excavator and silt pumping attachments means easy access even in confined areas
  • Cost effective silt pumping and de-watering/silt bag solutions
  • Silt bags designed and manufactured by Aquatic Solutions UK
  • Cost savings by recycling silt on site (no cost of waste removal)
  • Care and attention to detail

How we can help:

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