Silt and debris building up in your pond and lake can be a real cause for concern. Not only can it create nasty odours and be displeasing aesthetically it can increase the flood risk and potentially dry out the water course.

At Aquatic Solutions we offer many options for dredging your lake or pond and we can be flexible with these to suit your budget and requirements.

Desilting of your pond or lake can be done via pumping or clamshelling the silt and debris utilising our specialist amphibian machines the Truxor.

The Truxor is a lightweight amphibious vehicle much preferred by customers who have a keen interest in protecting the fauna and flora around their body of water and who need to minimise potential bank or grounds damage. As the Truxor can be driven straight off the trailer and into the water the need for heavy plant equipment and excessive vehicle access is minimised.

Ways of Silt Disposal

Using Silt Bags—To use de-watering bags, they are required to be placed on flat land to prevent any movement of the bags. Once the silt has been pumped into the bags they are allowed to de-water to leave pure silt. Once dry the silt can be used for landscaping or taken off site.

Using Nicospan fence—Install a permeable membrane around the water’s edge to create a new bank. The silt can then be pumped or lifted behind the fence. Once filled, planting with marginals can be undertaken to give an aesthetically pleasing border to the waters edge.

Pumping onto flat land—The silt can be pumped onto land nearby. It can be spread evenly over the land allowing the vegetation to grow back through (subject to EA regulations).

No matter how large your lake or how deep your silt problem we have a range of dredging options to suit most requirements.