Silt Removal Solutions

Silt removal is necessary when the breakdown of dead plant leaves and other organic material along with run off from surrounding fields causes a build up on the bed of a lake, pond or river. This can have serious consequences on the future of that water and the life there is within it.

Truxor amphibious vehicle removing silt, dredging, silt pumping

The build up of silt will lead to a reduction in water depth of the watercourse, increased risk of flooding, the release of nasty smelling odours from the process of biological decomposition and potentially the loss of the watercourse.

We undertake silt removal, silt dredging and silt pumping works in ponds, lakes and streams both natural and artificial. We are adept at minimising the impact of these works on the environment and the surrounding fauna and flora.

We use two different methods for silt removal

  1. The silt removal pump attachment on our Truxor amphibious machine pumps the material from the water bed.

  3. A clamshell bucket attachment that is used to dredge the material from the water bed and be transported by the Truxor to its final location.

The Truxor and silt pump

Silt Removal – The Disposal

The most significant problem to overcome with silt removal is what to do with the material. Onsite solutions are to pump it into de-watering bags, dredge it behind a permeable membrane, utilise flat land and bunding. The removal of silt off site can be a very expensive alternative.

Aquatic Solutions can provide you with all the solutions for silt removal on site after are free survey.

De-silting using a Nicospan Membrane to create Marginal Areas

Installing a permeable membrane around the water’s edge to create a new bank can be a way of depositing silt where there is little space around the watercourse. The silt can dredged behind the membrane with the clamshell bucket attached to the Truxor. The silt is left behind as the water separates through the membrane. Once the area has been filled and it has begun to dry, planting the area with marginal plants gives a new aesthetically pleasing border to the water’s edge. The membrane can be set at the required depth to match the desired planting and bank edge and designed in the desired shape and size.

Silt Removal from Site

To remove silt from site and take to landfill is a very costly operation due to waste disposal fees and taxes. As such we always try to find a solution to keep the silt on site in an effective way to avoid the cost of offsiting. If this is not possible, then the silt must be de-watered before being taken away as liquid waste cannot be sent to landfill.

Silt Pumping using De-Watering or Silt Removal Bags

De-watering bags need to placed on flat land to prevent any movement of the bags. The silt is pumped into the bags and then they are left to de-water, and you are left with a fabric bag full of pure silt. These bags can be opened and the silt can be re-used on-site for any landscaping needs. As the silt is made up from decaying organic matter, it makes an ideal compost for planting in.

Silt Pumping or Silt Dredging Over Flat Land

The silt can be removed from the water through silt pumping or silt dredging and deposited on land in the close vicinity. It can either be spread evenly over the land and left to allow the vegetation to grow back through. The silt could be stockpiled behind a temporary bund to prevent run off which would allow for removal from the bund once the material has dried or it could be spread out evenly behind the bund. Future uses of the dried out silt if left on site are; Gardening as a top soil > To even out land > Landscaping > Planting Beds > Manure

How Aquatic Solutions can help you with Silt Removal

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you deal with pond silt removal and lake dredging, please contact us and we can have an informal chat to discuss your needs. 


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