Sustainable Utility Drainage systems have been designed to be environmentally beneficial whilst resolving surface water issues on many newly constructed housing estates, retail and business parks and also large new road networks. SuDs can have a number of benefits including, creating new habitats for wildlife, easing flood burdens, filtration of pollutants and creating an aesthetically pleasing outlook to a newly developed site.

Most SuD ponds are planted around the margins with bulrush or reeds which are excellent pollutant filtration plants. However, if not kept under close control these plants can quickly spread and engulf the pond which in turn reduces the effectiveness and water holding capacity of the system.

A large Supermarket chain had a SuD pond that had got to the point where it was no longer effective due to the overgrowth of reeds and traditional plant/machinery was deemed too large and too disruptive to tackle the problem.


At Aquatic Solutions UK we have the largest fleet of Truxor amphibious machines in the UK. Our Truxor machines are lightweight and compact compared to traditional plant and machinery that is normally associated with remedial works on and around a water body. At just 1400kg the Truxor is much lighter than its equivalent machinery/plant and being tracked means we can drive across land and into the water whilst creating very little impact on the fauna and flora and, being amphibious, we are able to drive straight from the towing trailer and in to the water without any specialist equipment. Our machines are particularly efficient for smaller bodies of water which is why Aquatic Solutions UK were the ideal solution to remedy the overgrown SuD pond.

Using the clamshell attachment on our Truxor machine we were able to remove the vegetation from the water and dispose of it as per the client’s requirements. The work was carried out over 2 days with a margin of reed retained to enable the full functionality of the SuDs to be maintained.