TruxorWith just a few days to go before the CLA Game Fair at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire, fingers are crossed for the fine weather to hold out.

We are busy preparing for our stand (D0429) where we will have 3 of our Truxor amphibious machines on display for visitors to get a good look at.

Those responsible for the management of any large ponds, lakes or waterways will at some point need to tackle invasive aquatic weeds, or may need to address problems caused by silt build up. Whatever the aquatic problem is, the Truxor is the machine to deal with it!

These innovative machines were introduced in the mid 1990’s and with an extensive range of easy to fit tools they have become to waterway management what the Swiss Army knife is to the soldier!

The Truxor is relatively small, lightweight (can be towed by a 4×4) and highly manouevrable; it travels simply from land to water and exerts low ground pressure and  these features combine to provide a machine that can operate in sensitive areas without damage to the environment, and can access areas that larger machinery can’t.

Truxor can cut and collect aquatic weed and reed growth, excavate aquatic weeds and reeds by the root, dredge and pump silt – all to help restore aquatic environments to a healthy and aesthetically pleasing condition.

To discover more about the Truxor, visit our website, or take a look at our video channel on Youtube. For for a closer look at the Truxor, why not visit us at the CLA Game Fair on 19th, 20th and 21st July on Stand No D0429!

We’ll be happy to provide an explanation of  how the Truxor machines work and what benefits they have over other plant and machinery when it comes to working on any body of water.

Alternatively, call us on: 01788 810614 or email: