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Lake and Pond ManagementAquatic Solutions are experts in lake and pond management rivers and waterways. Specialising in the control of invasive weeds, silt pumping/dredging and refurbishment.

We work with both domestic and commercial sites and undertake all sizes of projects from small ponds to large reservoirs.

Whether you have ornamental aquatic plants that need controlling or problems with aquatic weeds that need removing, within our team we are able to offer help for every requirement regarding water and its surrounding environment. We offer mechanical cutting or careful use of approved herbicides for the right solution.

We own two Truxor DM5000 amphibious machines that are ideal for working in and around water in sensitive areas, such as golf courses, nature reserves, public parks, private properties and inaccessible areas.

We offer the following lake and pond management services:

  • Mechanical aquatic weed control
  • Cutting and gathering of reeds and other ornamental plants
  • Pond and lake restoration and refuribishment
  • Silt pumping and dredging
  • Reed and Bulrush Control
  • Lily Control
  • Treatment of aquatic and river bank weeds through careful use of approved herbicide
  • Algae and Blanketweed Control
  • Bank planting and repairs

Our services are efficient, effective and economical.

Mike Stretton

Aquatic Solutions is a family run business, based in Warwickshire and we work on waters all over the UK providing solutions to your aquatic problems.

If you have a problem with any body of water, whether pond, lake, stream or river please give us a call.  We are happy to offer  advice and if you wish to proceed to receive a quote for the work required, we can confirm details usually within 24 hours.

If you would like to learn more about how we might be able to help you, please contact us and we can have an informal chat to discuss the areas that interest you. 

We will have a conversation that is completely free of charge so we can learn more about your needs and challenges and utilise Google Earth to be able to discuss any project with more clarity and detail.

All of our quotations  are provided free of charge and in the case of larger jobs we would undertake a site survey.

Call us on 01788 810614 or email us at info@aquatic-solutions.co.uk, or complete the online form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Aquatic Solutions UK  – Lake and Pond Management Experts 

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