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Come and see something a little different at the CLA Game Fair

With the CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace starting on 18th July we are busy preparing for our stand (B184) where we will have 3 of our Truxor amphibious machines on display for visitors to get a good look at. These amazing machines are the ideal tool to use for the management of any large ponds, […]

Eurasion Water Milfoil

Eurasion Water Milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) is the water weed of the moment, with many experiencing problems with this aquatic plant in their lakes and ponds. Also known as Spiked Water Milfoil this submerged aquatic plant lives  in slow-flowing streams and ditches, as well as lakes, ponds and flooded gravel pits. Its attractive, feathery leaves are […]

Invasive aquatic plants to watch out for this summer

Many lakes, ponds and other waterways in the UK are under threat from a whole host of invasive aquatic plants invasion of rapid growing, non-native aquatic plants. The  five most damaging non-native species were banned from sale in April this year, however the work to clear these species from our waterways continues. But it’s not only […]

Canadian Pondweed – The True Cost

The cost of controlling freshwater invasive species has been estimated at £25 million per year for the British economy, of which a significant part is due to Canadian pondweed (Elodea Canadensis) control. Canadian pondweed grows rapidly in favourable conditions, out competing natives species for nutrients and can quickly choke shallow ponds, canals, and the margins […]

Reed beds – management and conservation

Reed beds are areas dominated by Common reed, (Phragmites australis) a perennial and flood-tolerant grass that grows to over 2 metres high.  The reed beds provide an essential habitat for a wide range of plants, animals,  insects and invertebrates and their decline over the last 3 centuries has had a devastating impact on this wildlife, […]

Aquatic plants can take over your lake

Despite the coolest of starts to this summer, aquatic plants are making a valiant effort to grow both on the banks of lakes, ponds and rivers and in the water itself.  These plants play a vital role in aquatic ecosystems – producing oxygen, absorbing nutrients, stabilising river banks, providing food and cover for fish, invertebrates […]

Spring and summer on the canals

Now that spring has finally arrived invariably thoughts are turning to activities of the outdoor type, and a surprising number of people will turn to Britain’s 2000 plus miles of canals for their leisure time. Whether for a stroll along the tow paths, a holiday afloat, studying the architecture of the historic buildings and bridges, […]

Invasive aquatic plants banned by Government

First-hand experience of the damage caused by invasive aquatic plants is not a pleasant one.  Once established, they quickly spread, crowding out native species, restricting light and oxygen in the water and creating a threat to fish and other wildlife in their native habitat. It’s not only the natural environment that is damaged –structures such […]

Wage a War on Water Soldier

 Water Soldier (Stratiotes aloides) A number of lakes and ponds throughout the UK have seen an invasion of Water Soldier. The size and rapid growth of the Water Soldier in these circumstances is to the detriment of other plants, and it inhibits leisure activity, such as fishing and swimming, and in some cases negatively impacts […]