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Water lilies may need controlWater Lily – this guides details methods of Water Lily Control and gives you pictures of work in progress.


Lake and pond managementPond and Lake Restoration – an informative document on how we can restore your pond or lake back to a beautiful, healthy condition.


Myriophyllum spicatum (Eurasian watermilfoil)Aquatic Weed Control – take a look at the most common aquatic weeds and methods to control them



RSPB (1)Reed and Bulrush Control – Effective methods of Reed and Bulrush control.


SiltpumpingEdenProjectSilt Pumping & Dredging Information – Highlighting the silt removal options available to you and detailing innovative methods to save the cost of removing silt from site.

Aquatic Weed Guide – An “at a glance” short guide  to enable you to identify which aquatic weed you have a problem with.



purple loosestrife protected by netting

Aquatic Planting Guide – A guide to the best plants for lakes and river banks.



Identify Japanese Knotweed

Identifying Japanese Knotweed – at a glance guide to identify this weed at any time of year.


Identify Himalayan Balsam

Identifying Himalayan Balsam – guide to identifying Himalayan Balsam.



 Identifying Giant Hogweed – a clear guide to identifying Giant Hogweed.



10 Tips for Maintaining Your Pond or Lake – keep your pond or lake looking beautiful with our guide.