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Sustainable Utility Drainage Pond Case Study. Supermarket HQ, Bradford

Sustainable Utility Drainage systems have been designed to be environmentally beneficial whilst resolving surface water issues on many newly constructed housing estates, retail and business parks and also large new road networks. SuDs can have a number of benefits including, creating new habitats for wildlife, easing flood burdens, filtration of pollutants and creating an aesthetically […]

Silt Removal Options

Silt and debris building up in your pond and lake can be a real cause for concern. Not only can it create nasty odours and be displeasing aesthetically it can increase the flood risk and potentially dry out the water course. At Aquatic Solutions we offer many options for dredging your lake or pond and […]

Aquatic Weed Cutting

The sun is out, the summer months are here and plant life is blooming. Without aquatic plants our watercourses would be dull, but they do offer some advantages other than beauty – fish rely on aquatic plants for their food and habitat, they provide a safe cover for nesting areas and help filter pollutants in […]

Desilting, silt removal and dredging

Desilting, silt removal and dredging   Desilting Silt collects on the bottoms of rivers, lakes and ponds, it is a fine sediment that is caused by the decay of organisms into the water. The build-up of silt will lead to a reduction in water depth, an increased risk of flooding and potentially the loss of the […]

Pond Weed Removal

Pond weed can be good or bad. In small numbers they provide a good habitat for fish providing them with food and shelter for spawning and nesting. When the pond weed takes over it becomes a nuisance, especially in the warmer months when it grows excessively and spoils the appearance and quality of the watercourse, which […]

Silt pumping and dredging

What’s the problem with silt? The temperature has dropped, the leaves have fallen, many plants are dying back and there is a winter feel to the air. It’s easy to see the impact the changing season has on fields and gardens, but what about our lakes, rivers and waterways? The aquatic vegetation dying back in […]

Water Lilies Taking Over?

Water lilies (Nymphaea) are probably the most desired aquatic plant – with their glossy green leaf pads and exotic looking flowers not only do they look great, they create welcome shade in summer months for fish and aquatic invertebrates, helping maintain a healthy aquatic habitat. Despite the beauty and benefits that water lilies bring to […]

Do you have an invasion of Water Soldier?

Water soldier (Stratiotes aloide) is a native submerged aquatic plant which has rosettes of sword shaped leaves with sharp serrated edges. A characteristic of this plant is that from June to August when it flowers, it rises to the surface of the water. It provides a great resting place for dragonfly and damselfly, and shelter for […]

Come and see something a little different at the CLA Game Fair

With the CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace starting on 18th July we are busy preparing for our stand (B184) where we will have 3 of our Truxor amphibious machines on display for visitors to get a good look at. These amazing machines are the ideal tool to use for the management of any large ponds, […]

Reed Cutting

Wetlands and reed beds form an important element of our natural environment and they are so much more than just a means to capture and store storm water. Their importance as a habitat to support a wide range of wildlife, their use as a social amenity and their aesthetic value are now also widely appreciated and […]