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Silt pumping and dredging

What’s the problem with silt? The temperature has dropped, the leaves have fallen, many plants are dying back and there is a winter feel to the air. It’s easy to see the impact the changing season has on fields and gardens, but what about our lakes, rivers and waterways? The aquatic vegetation dying back in […]

Come and see something a little different at the CLA Game Fair

With the CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace starting on 18th July we are busy preparing for our stand (B184) where we will have 3 of our Truxor amphibious machines on display for visitors to get a good look at. These amazing machines are the ideal tool to use for the management of any large ponds, […]

Flooding and Silt Removal

Flooding and silt removal are hotly debated topics at the moment, with large areas of the UK suffering the effects of horrendous weather, and the cost to business, home owners and farmers mounting. As weather patterns are changing and we have more prolonged periods of wet weather to contend with, managing the water is becoming […]

The benefits of dewatering bags

Committing to renovating a canal or lake is a large undertaking. As it’s likely that the dredging and removal of silt will be the largest factor in terms of time, ensuring this is dealt with efficiently and effectively is essential in order to keep costs in hand. Retaining the silt and re-using it on site […]

Spring and summer on the canals

Now that spring has finally arrived invariably thoughts are turning to activities of the outdoor type, and a surprising number of people will turn to Britain’s 2000 plus miles of canals for their leisure time. Whether for a stroll along the tow paths, a holiday afloat, studying the architecture of the historic buildings and bridges, […]

Silt Recycling & Nicospan Fencing

During the autumn and winter is the time when many of us need to remove the silt from our lakes, ponds and waterways, when vegetation has died back and access is as easier.  Nutrients in the silt will cause the weeds to grow and starve the water of oxygen, impacting on wildlife.  Silt can even […]

Now is the time to think about tackling silt!

 Over time the build-up of silt in any body of water will cause some serious issues and with autumn approaching it’s time to think about an essential element of maintenance – silt removal – if you want to avoid: •             Increased risk of flooding •             Loss of fish and wildlife •             Restriction or loss of […]